Custom Gages

Custom Gages

Stanek Tool is the industry leader in precision machining and tool making with the highest quality standards. The Custom Gages we make every day at Stanek Tool ensure the safety and quality of the most advanced tactical weapons produced today.

Stanek Tool is a Risk-Free, Turnkey Solution

Our knowledgeable team with over 100 years of combined experience can take your prints or ideas and provide solutions to the entire manufacturing process. Stanek Tool takes pride in producing the highest quality components to fit your needs. We are here for you throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

If you have an idea, we have the solution!

Custom Gage & Tooling Capabilities

Our capabilities include:

  • Inspection gages
  • Go/no go thread gages
  • Variable gages
  • Custom tooling
  • Wire EDM

Stanek Tool is your source for the highest quality custom gages. We specialize in producing a variety of gage types including:

  • Inspection Gages
  • Complex Gages
  • Attribute Gages (Go/No-Go Gages)
    • Limit Gages
    • Position / Location Gages
    • Acceptance Gages
    • Perpendicularity Gages
    • Concentricity Gages
    • Arrangement Gages
    • In Process Gages
  • Variable Gages
  • Bonding Gages
  • Thread Gages
  • Functional Gages
model example - true position

Stanek Tool's Equipment & Gage Manufacturing Tolerances

Stanek Tool offers in-house capability for:

    • Vertical machining
    • Horizontal machining & boring
    • Horizontal turning
    • Sinker type EDM
    • Surface grinding
    • Cylindrical grinding
    • Jig grinding
    • CMM and precision inspection

Gage Manufacturing Tolerances:

    • Detail, precision, and location are major factors in a quality gage.

Stanek Tool is capable of holding true position tolerance of +/- .0001” for custom gages.

Work with Stanek Tool on Your Custom Gage or Custom Tooling Projects

Our skilled toolmakers, gage manufacturers, machinists, and engineers are trained and knowledgeable in the practical application and interpretation of GD&T standards. We take personal pride in the products we manufacture and produce for our customers.

Stanek Tool Will Go to Great Lengths and Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

We strive to ask the right questions up front, to understand the complete manufacturing process, to anticipate problems before they happen, and to keep you informed during the entire manufacturing process.

Many job shops will walk away from operations they do not do in-house. We embrace these challenges with a proven network of partners who we work with to seamlessly deliver finished results.

Stanek Tool Promises to Deliver:

  • Being a risk-free, turnkey solution
  • Strong project management
  • Timely communication
  • Hands-on technical expertise from concept to delivery
  • Single point of contact management of our proven network of outside partners to meet your total project requirements
  • Commitment to uncovering and eliminating potential problems before they happen
  • The highest quality product

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