Defense Industry

Stanek Tool is a proud supplier of CNC machining components to defense contractors, U.S. Government Armed Forces, labs, and research facilities. Defense contractors and others in the nuclear and energy sectors regularly work with Stanek Tool due to our rich experience in this industry.

The defense industry needs quality machined components. At Stanek Tool, our combined expertise of over hundreds of years go beyond industry standards for CNC machining for defense.

Precision milling CNC machine tool makes part. Metalworking.

Defense Components and Parts

Stanek Tool has been working with the U.S. Government and contractors within the defense and nuclear sectors for many years. We have manufactured a multitude of quality products and components for the defense industry.

Defense Products Stanek Tool Has Produced Include

  • Assembly, go/no go gages, inspection, and transportation fixtures & tooling
  • Custom gages
  • Transportation carts
  • Custom pins and fasteners
  • Other various defense parts, tooling, and assemblies
  • Precision machined parts for advanced weapons

Quality and Security

We have processes in place within our organization and our supply chain to securely handle Militarily Critical Technical Data (MCTD), Official Use Only (OUO), Export Controlled Information (ECI), and Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information (UCNI) for our customers.

  • Cage Code: 26120
  • ISO 9001:2015 Registration
  • SAM Registered
  • ITAR Registered
  • JCP Certified
  • NAP 24 Certified

Stanek Tool is proud of our contributions to support national defense. We go to great lengths to provide the highest quality defense CNC machining products and top-notch customer service when working on military and defense components for our warfighters.

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