Acrylic Optics

Acrylic Optics

Perspex Acrylic and Rohm Plexiglas are both Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA). They are perfectly fitted to the production of Acrylic Light Guides and Acrylic Lenses. As compared to glass, acrylic optics is half the weight. It also provides amazing resistance against the breakage of components through shock or impact. For outstanding light transmission properties and good optical clarity similar to glass, you can trust on fully heated cast Acrylic.

Designing and manufacturing optical devices from plastic is becoming common practice for businesses who are trying to achieve complicated or distinct part geometry, lessen costs per unit, and produce volume at a consistent level.

Lenses And Light Guide

Acrylic and Fibre Optic Light Guides

Light from a sole light source can be caught and led the way using acrylic and fiber-optic light guides. Therefore if you’re looking for good acrylic light guides and fiber optic light guides for use in medical, specialist industrial, and scientific applications you can contact Apollo optic systems. Whatever your need is whether you’re looking for acrylic light fixture lenses or else we are here to help you meet your need in the best possible way.

Light guides can be characterized by simple elements such as a round acrylic light pipe and in the case of complex components which have been composed and formed. Moreover for maximum light transfer light guides can be draped in reflective materials. This will ensure complete light transfer from the receiver to the destination.

In this regard, Apollo optic systems have years of experience with fiber optic light guide detectors. We have been manufacturing huge, complicated fiber optic detector assemblies to be used on synchrotron target stations.

Acrylic Lenses

Cast Acrylic gets intensified after the production process and therefore results in tough spots. To remove these spots and to achieve smooth, reliable, and high performance by the lens we heat treat the acrylic material. This will produce polished lenses.

We produce lenses that are used in various applications such as automotive, scientific, medical, and specialist industrial applications including Fresnel lenses. We produce lenses that are CNC machined which means they may be in concave, convex, or aspheric shapes. The technique used by CNC machines aid in the reliable production of components.

With us, you get high-quality premium lens production. To achieve this goal we ensure lenses are diamond machined. When lenses are diamond machined they result in a top-notch quality surface finish. After this, they are hand-dressed and polished to gain the best outcome. Moreover, as the demand for lenses is increasing, the demand for usage in various applications is also rising therefore to make sure a consistent level of quality is maintained as we don’t compromise on quality at any cost we use calibration guides.

Lens Finishes

Once we can produce high-quality lenses the next step is the finishing. To protect the lens and to ensure smooth performance we provide our clients with various finishing options. These options include sandblasting for light diffusion purposes and various protective coatings.

If you’re looking for remarkable and reliable optical plastic manufacturers who are capable of producing impressive plastic optical lenses, you’re at the right place. We also use acrylic lens material to ensure the production of high-performance lenses. Explore our custom optics:

Acrylic Optics

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